Class Action Representation

In the State of California, a single person or a group of people can sue on behalf of hundreds and thousands of people with similar complaints against an employer in the form of a class-action lawsuit. There are several factors that a law firm must consider before the lawsuit can reach class-action status, and the experienced class action lawyers at The Nourmand Law Firm, APC can help you file your complaint and ensure you and other employees get the compensation you rightly deserve.

If your employer has violated labor laws, wage and hour laws, employment laws or discriminated against you in any way, you may be eligible to file a class-action lawsuit.

Definition Of Class Action In California

A class-action lawsuit can be filed against your employer for a number of reasons, including failure to pay overtime, failure to provide meal breaks or uninterrupted meal breaks, failure to pay minimum wage, failure to immediately pay wages upon termination, failure to pay all vested vacation pay upon termination, failure to reimburse for mileage, uniform, uniform maintenance, tolls, etc., wage and hour violations, and discrimination.

A class-action lawsuit is brought to the court by one or more claimants as representatives for an entire group of claimants who have been affected by a common violation by an employer. This type of lawsuit is designed to provide one settlement or resolution for all parties and can be an effective way to recover damages when it is too expensive to litigate individually. In the state of California, a claim can be defined as a class action if it is impracticable to bring several people before the court for the same type of lawsuit. In some cases, there may also be a community of interest in the subject matter of the action.

In cases where an individual is filing a class-action lawsuit against a company, such as a manufacturer or a financial institution, a class action lawyer can assist with consumer fraud claims, and truth in lending violations.

Types Of Employment Class Action Lawsuits

Only a qualified labor and employment law attorney will be able to evaluate your situation and determine if you may be eligible to file a class-action lawsuit against your employer or a company. The state of California is governed by several labor and employment laws that make it unlawful for an employer to misclassify your salary, not provide expense reimbursement and not provide time for breaks. You may be able to file a class-action lawsuit if your employer has violated your rights in the following areas:

Filing An Employment Class Action Lawsuit

When a single employee or a group of employees are subjected to unfair treatment, discrimination, harassment or unpaid wages in the workplace, they have the right to file a class-action lawsuit against their employer. When filing an employment class action lawsuit, it is important to work with an experienced California class action attorney who can protect the employee’s rights and ensure that the employee and the group are able to recover damages for:

  • Wages and bonuses
  • Interest from unpaid wages
  • Penalties
  • Liquidated damages
  • Attorney fees and costs

When several employees report inappropriate workplace practices, the chances for recovering damages from a class action lawsuit increase significantly. A qualified and experienced class action attorney can provide valuable legal insight and investigate the situation to strengthen the case. The attorney can also ensure that all employees’ rights are protected throughout the litigation process.

If your employer has violated California labor and employment laws, and you are ready to file a class-action lawsuit, contact the California class action attorneys at The Nourmand Law Firm, APC so that we can investigate your case and ensure that you and other employees get the compensation you deserve.