Recent Surveys Confirm Older Workers are still Experiencing Ageism

Discrimination in the workplace is a product of human biases in social spaces which spills over to the confines of the work environment. Because of this, people often get pushed into retirement long before they are ready or work low-paying jobs long after they are ready to leave the workforce.

According to an AARP study, almost one in every four workers who are 45 years or older have received a negative comment regarding their age from fellow coworkers or even their supervisors.

Older workers face the highest rates of age discrimination

Among the older age group, three in every five workers reported that they had experienced age discrimination at work. Of these workers, 76% of them see this as an obstacle to finding new employment. Roughly 90% also believe this could prevent them from earning as much as they used to once ageism successfully pushes them out of a job.

Retirement savings are on the rocks

When older people get pushed out of employment too soon, whole families get upended. In America, people who are 55 years or older with no retirement plans head 29% of households. Even when they are not forced out of work, poor treatment can have terrible effects. People who begin to feel they do not serve a purpose are more likely to develop a disability or die prematurely.

Retirement age gets pushed later and later

All across the internet, there are people talking about retiring early and many have. Most people, however, plan to — and do — retire much older. CNBC estimates that more than 40% of current workers say they plan to keep working until 66 years old or older. Compare this to 30% saying they wanted to wait until 65 years or older in 2004 and just 12% in 1995.

The good news is that there are laws that protect employees who have been discriminated against because of their age.  If you or a loved one has been subjected to age discriminated or employment discrimination visit our website or contact The Nourmand Law Firm, APC to determine if you or a loved one can receive the protection of the employment laws that may apply to your circumstances.

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