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Orange County Employment Lawyers

Experienced Workers' Rights Attorney Serving Residents of Orange County

At The Nourmand Law Firm, APC, we bring two decades of experience to representing employees across California. Our Orange County employment lawyers focus on defending workers' rights, with a particular understanding of local industries, such as technology, hospitality, and real estate sectors.

The Orange County employment attorneys at the Nourmand Law Firm believe in accessible justice, so we offer free consultations to understand your situation and determine how we can help. Importantly, we operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only collect fees if we win your case. For dedicated support in employment-related matters, call us at 800-700-9243 to speak with an Orange County employment lawyer on our team. We are committed to fighting for your rights and achieving the justice you deserve.

What Are the Top Workplace Discrimination Claims in Orange County

In Orange County, California, workplace discrimination claims are notably prevalent, with recent data from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) revealing the scope of the issue. Of the 67,448 claims filed nationally, 4,130 were from California, with Orange County recording 1,873 claims, ranking it the second-highest county for such complaints.

The breakdown of these claims is as follows:

  • Disability: 2,868 claims (19%) highlight the challenges disabled employees face in securing reasonable accommodations and fair treatment.
  • Retaliation: 2,717 claims (19%) underscore the adversities employees encounter when they report discrimination or assert their rights.
  • Sex/Gender: 1,717 claims (14%) reflect ongoing gender bias and inequalities in the workplace.
  • Race: 1,639 claims (13%) indicate persistent issues of racial discrimination affecting diverse employees.
  • Age: 1,356 claims (11%) indicate biases and unfair practices targeting older workers.
  • National Origin: 859 claims (7%) show discrimination based on individuals' country of origin or ethnicity.
  • Ancestry: 675 claims (5%) reveal the workplace challenges related to one's lineage.
  • Sexual Harassment – Hostile Environment: 574 claims (5%) highlight the prevalence of sexual harassment creating a hostile work environment.
  • Color: 441 claims (4%) indicate discrimination based on skin color.

As employment discrimination attorneys in Orange County, we recognize the significance of these numbers. They reflect the diverse nature of workplace discrimination and emphasize the importance of legal support and advocacy for OC workers. We are dedicated to assisting employees in navigating these challenges, ensuring their rights are upheld, and they have the legal representation to address and remedy such injustices.

FAQS Orange County Employee Rights Attorney

What should I do if I believe I am discriminated against at work?

If you suspect workplace discrimination, document every incident that supports your claim, including dates, times, and witnesses. Contact The Nourmand Law Firm promptly so we can evaluate your situation and advise on the best course of action. Early legal intervention can be crucial in preserving evidence and strengthening your case.

How long do I have to file a discrimination claim in Orange County?

In California, you generally have one year from the last act of discrimination to file a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). However, timelines can vary based on specific circumstances. We recommend consulting immediately to ensure your claim is filed within the appropriate timeframe.

Can my employer retaliate against me for filing a discrimination claim?

No, it is illegal for employers to retaliate against employees for filing a discrimination claim, participating in an investigation, or standing against discriminatory practices. If you experience retaliation, we can help you take legal action to protect your rights and seek justice for any harm you've suffered.

What is the difference between filing a discrimination claim with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)?

Both agencies enforce laws prohibiting employment discrimination but operate at different levels. DFEH handles violations of California state laws, offering broader protections than federal laws in some areas. EEOC enforces federal laws. Depending on the situation, you may need to file with one or both agencies. We can help determine the appropriate agency to handle your claim.

How can I prove my discrimination claim in Orange County?

Proving discrimination involves showing that you were treated differently because of a protected characteristic, like race or gender. Documentation is crucial; this includes emails, witness statements, performance reviews, and any other evidence of discriminatory treatment. We can assist in gathering the necessary documentation and building a strong case to support your claim.

Speak With an Orange County Employment Lawyer About Your Situation Today

If you’ve been fired recently or are dealing with unacceptable conditions at work, it's crucial to know your rights and how to protect them. At the Nourmand Firm, APC, we only represent employees, ensuring our commitment is never divided. Because of this, we see things from your side—every time. To learn more or to book a free consultation, call the Nourmand Firm, APC, at 800-700-WAGE or fill out our secure online contact form, and one of our Orange County employment attorneys will contact you soon.

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