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Pregnancy Discrimination

You Have a Right to Fair Treatment When Pregnant

It is unlawful to discriminate against pregnant employees, but all too often this happy time is marred by mistreatment suffered by employees. Some are not granted the pregnancy disability leave or work accommodations that they need to protect their health and the health of their child. Some are denied job placement because of their pregnancy or are unable to return to their previous position when they return from leave.

If you have been refused the employment opportunities or benefits you deserve because of a pregnancy, speak to an attorney from The Nourmand Law Firm, APC. We will consider your case in a thorough evaluation and fight for your rights in court so that you receive the compensation you are due after this unfair treatment. As one of the premier employment law firms in California, we have the experience and skill necessary to create the best possible results for you.

Types of Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy discrimination involves treating employees or candidates unfairly based on pregnancy, childbirth or related conditions. This discrimination can impact those who are currently pregnant or recovering from pregnancy as well as those who may intend to become pregnant in the future or the spouses of pregnant people. This takes many forms, including:

  • Refusing to hire or promote an applicant based on their pregnancy
  • Firing or demoting an employee because of their pregnancy
  • Treating an employee differently or denying them a job after they return from a leave of absence related to pregnancy
  • Refusing to grant pregnancy-related leave or insurance benefits to employees or to those covered by their employer-provided health insurance
  • Failing to accommodate a pregnant employee’s need for reasonable modification of tasks in their job; for example, the need to stop lifting heavy boxes during their pregnancy or time off as needed for a pregnancy related issue such as pregnancy complications, high risk pregnancy, etc.

Whether you are currently pregnant, have returned to work after the birth of your child or are simply considering growing your family, it is unlawful for an employer to take adverse action against you because of that pregnancy status. An attorney can help ensure that your rights are protected, and you could be eligible for compensation for the reinstatement of your position, back pay and damages for the emotional pain you have suffered as well as court costs and attorney’s fees.

Consult With Our Team Today

If you have been the victim of pregnancy-related discrimination, contact The Nourmand Law Firm, APC, through our online form or call 310-553-3600 to discuss the discrimination you have faced and how we may be able to help you recover damages.

Client Reviews
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