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Employers often make their employees work long hours, in excess of their regularly scheduled hours, to finish a project or otherwise complete some task for the benefit the employer. At the same time, these employees are left uncompensated for having worked extra hours, especially when they put in overtime. It is against the law for a California employer to refrain from paying overtime compensation. The law protects employees, and imposes significant civil penalties on employers who take advantage.

If your employer has a practice or policy that affects a group of employees, with the assistance of The Nourmand Law Firm, the employees can jointly pursue relief in the form of a class action. A class action has several benefits for employees, as it can combine many small claims, forcing the employer to take the action seriously, and may provide anonymity for unnamed current employees who wish to pursue legal action.

When does Overtime apply?

A California employee must be compensated at time and a half, or 1½ times his or her regular rate of pay if the employee works:

  • more than 8 hours a day;
  • more than 40 hours a week;
  • seven consecutive days in a work week.

A California employee must be compensated at twice the regular rate of pay if the employee works:

  • in excess of 12 hours in one day;
  • more than 8 hours on the seventh consecutive day of work in a workweek.


Typically, a California employer facing a lawsuit for unpaid overtime compensation will allege that the plaintiff employee is “exempt” from overtime pay on account of his job position. However, these exemptions are limited to professional positions, administrative positions, managerial positions, industry-specific positions, and certain union employees. If you have been improperly denied overtime, The Nourmand Law Firm can pursue a class action against your employer. An employer who fails to properly compensate its employees overtime is likely to face significant monetary liability.

Class Action Lawsuit to Recover Unpaid Overtime Pay

You may have worked more than eight hours a day and only have been paid the regular rate for your ninth or tenth hour. Or you may have worked fifty hours during your regularly scheduled forty hour work week but only have been paid straight time. In California, this is illegal. Further, under California law, with the assistance of The Nourmand Law Firm, and our team of Los Angeles employment class action attorneys, you can act on behalf of yourself and your co-workers as a “private attorney general” to seek compensation.

If you were denied overtime pay, The Nourmand Law Firm can help you pursue a class action lawsuit against your employer. We have a Spanish-speaking staff. We offer free consultations. Call us today.

At The Nourmand Law Firm, we are experienced, seasoned and highly-skilled employment attorneys. We have a track record of success and excellence in representing our clients. Our clients are generally employees who suffered a wide range of abuses: wrongful termination, discrimination, demotion, denial of compensation (including the minimum wage, overtime, compensation for meal periods and rest periods) and other actions that violate the California Labor Code. We are experienced and knowledgeable in prosecuting lawsuits for unpaid overtime pay on behalf of our California employees.

We represent employees who have been denied overtime compensation, or otherwise injured by their employers wage and hour practices throughout Los Angeles, Koreatown, Pasadena, San Bernardino, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, the South Bay and throughout Southern California.

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Mr. Villalobos

I am a very grateful client, my former employer never gave me lunch breaks and didn't pay me proper overtime rate. The Nourmand Law Firm was very attentive to me in my case and they know a lot about workers rights. I recommend The Nourmand Law Firm to anyone.

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When I was fired my employer failed to pay me all the wages that I earned. I hired The Nourmand Law Firm, they did the best and resolved my case very fast. I highly recommend them, they know what they are doing.