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Wage and Hour Claims

Los Angeles Wage and Hour Law | Wage and Hour Lawsuit

All California workers are entitled to the protection of California law relating to wage and hour, overtime pay and other compensation.

California Minimum Wage

A California employer must reimburse his or her employee the minimum wage (at the very least). In California, the minimum wage is 8.00 per hour.1 A California employee cannot waive his or her right to earn the minimum wage.2

If an employer discharges an employee, he must immediately pay any earned and unpaid wages.3 If an employee has no written employment agreement and quits on his or her own, the employer must pay all wages due within 72 hours. However, if the employee has provided a notice of intention to quit at least 72 hours prior to the final day, all wages at due on the final day.4 Any wages earned but unpaid shall result in a penalty against the employer. When willful, the penalty for unpaid final wages accrues daily (weekends included) until paid. In any case, the maximum penalty for unpaid wages shall not exceed more than 30 days pay.5

Documenting Hours Worked and Wages Paid: the ‘Wage Statement’

At the time the employer pays wages, each employee is entitled to an itemized and accurate written statement showing:

  1. Total hours that the employee has worked (unless he or she is exempt)
  2. Gross wages that the employee earned
  3. Net wages that the employee earned
  4. Any hours that the employee worked “overtime” (and the applicable overtime compensation rate)
  5. Pay period dates (for example, January 1 – January 15)
  6. All hourly rates in effect that apply during the pay period (and the corresponding number of hours which the employee worked at each hourly rate)
Employee’s Right to Inspect the Employment Records

Employees (both former and current) have the right to inspect or copy those records that pertain to him or her upon a reasonable request issued to the employer.6 The employer can be fined $750 for failing to allow a former or current employee to copy or inspect his records within 21 days of the request.7

If you believe you and other employees were deprived the minimum wage, or if you have not been permitted to inspect your records, or have otherwise suffered any other California Labor Law violation, contact The Nourmand Law Firm, APC, immediately. Our Los Angeles employment lawyers have a virtually encyclopedic knowledge of California labor law, and we use our experience and skill in the vindication of your California labor rights.

We represent clients who have been denied the minimum wage in Los Angeles, Koreatown, Pasadena, San Bernardino, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, the South Bay and all other Southern California cities and locations.

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