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Wage and Hour

Wage and Hour Dispute Assistance

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that 80% of employers are not in compliance with applicable wage and hour laws. As a California employee, you have the right to sue your employer if you have experienced a withholding of wages, have been forced to miss your breaks, or have been deprived of compensation for work-related expenses. If your employer has violated any of your rights under the California Labor Code and Wage Orders and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), you have the right to pursue litigation. Get in touch with the wage and hour attorneys at The Nourmand Law Firm so that we can evaluate your case and help you file a lawsuit against your employer.

The experienced wage and hour attorneys at The Nourmand Law Firm are committed to fighting for the rights of California employees to ensure that all employers are in compliance with employment and labor laws. We represent clients and members of class action lawsuits where employers have violated a federal employment or labor law or state employment or labor law, in the form of unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, missed meal breaks and rest breaks, unlawful pay deductions, failure to receive proper wage-earning documentation, failure for reimbursement of required uniform and uniform maintenance, mileage, tools, etc. and other California wage violations.

California Employment Wage and Hour Laws

In the state of California, your employer is responsible for ensuring that all employees get their meal breaks and rest breaks, are paid for overtime and are reimbursed appropriately for uniforms, tools, mileage, etc. The wage and hour attorneys at The Nourmand Law Firm represent clients in the following violations:

  • Overtime and Doubletime
    • In the state of California, all employers are required to abide by state and federal employment laws by paying employees who have worked beyond the eight-hour workday or 40-hour workweek, in overtime pay or double-time pay. If you are not paid for your overtime hours or on-duty hours, your employer may be violating California laws.
  • Meal breaks
    • California employment law states that nonexempt employees who work for more than five hours are entitled to a 30-minute uninterrupted lunch breaks.
  • Rest breaks
    • For every four hours worked, the employee is entitled to a ten–minute rest period.
  • Managers, supervisors misclassified as exempt employees or independent contractors
  • Reimbursement for mileage, tools, uniforms, uniform maintenance allowance, etc.
  • Paycheck stub violations
  • Waiting time penalties
  • Tips and in-store commissions
  • Off–the–clock work without compensation
Class Action

Many employees in the state of California are simply misinformed and uneducated about their state and federal employment rights, and their rights are violated without them knowing. If one employee has been subjected to violations in the workplace, it is likely that other employees have endured similar violations.

If you suspect your employer is in violation of any California employment and labor laws and has violated the rights of other employees, you may be able to file a class-action lawsuit. In a class-action lawsuit, an individual employee can file a complaint against an employer on behalf of other similarly situated employees. The California wage and hour attorneys at The Nourmand Law Firm, APC, can help you file a class action lawsuit against your employer, and help you recover damages.

Federal vs. California WARN ACT Violation

The California Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (California WARN Act) provides protection above and beyond the Federal WARN Act, to protect California employees from mass layoffs. In addition to your rights under the Federal WARN Act, the California rules cover the following:

  • Employers staffing 75 or more employees over the past 12 months, which is lower than the federal mandate of 100 employees
  • Part-time employees who are part of the 75-employee count as long as they have worked more than six months in the past year
  • No requirements for one-third of the workforce or a period of six months or more for a layoff, as long as 50 or more employees are let go
  • Employees retain their rights in a company buyout

The wage and hour attorneys at The Nourmand Law Firm can assist with filing WARN claims and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Contact The Nourmand Law Firm today so that we can evaluate your situation and aggressively litigate your case.

Client Reviews
When I was fired, my employer failed to pay me all the wages that I earned. I hired The Nourmand Law Firm, they did the best and resolved my case very fast. I highly recommend them, they know what they are doing. A.G
I am very grateful to the attorneys because they helped me quickly and always kept me informed in every aspect of my case. I would recommend them to other people. E.S.
Thank you very much for getting me a great settlement. You guys are the best. I will give your number out to anyone who ask me if I know any good lawyers. G-D bless you and have a merry Christmas and a bless new year. T.W.